Gut Healing and Cleanse Programme

Cleansing/detoxing is important for all your body systems to work more efficiently. This is occurring in our bodies all the time, by changing all the harmful substances into less harmful substances and then excreted by the body, via our elimination channels.   A cleansing programme is designed to give the body a break from all the toxins that enter our systems via the food we eat, the air we breathe, the products we put on our body etc.etc.  The main detoxing organ in the body is the liver.  The liver works in phases, therefore we must support this organ through all phases with certain nutrients and herbs.  Many programmes out there don't do this correctly.  We use practitioner only products (if necessary) that are tailored to you and your health.  In addition to supporting the liver, the digestive system requires just as much attention, if not more.  As you are now aware, all disease begins in the gut and we obviously want to prevent disease and eliminate these toxins effectively from our body.  By working on digestion with the right healing foods and good bacteria we can cleanse and heal at the same time.  You will gain more energy, bowels work regularly, digestion be in top working order, sleep better and most of all - adapt these protocols to a way of life that fills your body full of nutrients that you will absorb to feel amazing, EVERYDAY!  See FEE section for pricing information.