I recently saw Priscilla Hazeldine for a naturopathic consult.  Priscilla was able to suggest dietary changes that would help with symptoms we discussed, appropriate naturopathic supplements, delicious recipes, as well as apps which may be useful.  What she outlined for me definitely helped with the symptoms I was experiencing.  I found Priscilla to be knowledgeable, she likes to keep up to date with what is happening in the naturopathic industry and she is very personable.  I would definitely recommend Priscilla and would go back to use her services again if I had further need to.  Thank you!



Priscilla has helped me immensely in starting my health journey, to rid my body of toxic metals and increase my energy levels. So much so that she has inspired me to begin my own study path in Naturopathy. Thanks Priscilla, it means so much.



Priscilla was able to provide effective natural solutions to a host of lifestyle problems I was presenting with, including long term gut issues.  Her initial assessment was quick to address the solution, pin pointing the issue long before traditional medicine was able to.  The program she developed had me quickly regain my zest and feel alive again evolving to a wellness program that is now essentially self-manageable.



After consulting with Priscilla some six months ago, re being menopausal, along with mild signs of anxiety, Priscilla offered to put me on a specifically designed naturopath program to alleviate some of the symptoms that were making my life uncomfortable.  To date, I can honestly say I have seen a remarkable difference in my anxiety (no longer on prescribed meds) and though I am still having the other going on in my life the natural medications prescribed to me have been of a great benefit.  Thankyou Priscilla and to your remedies I know that you will go far with this passion and profession you have embarked on.  



Priscilla was an incredible source of information and guidance when I was trying to make nutritional changes to improve my health.  She was exceptionally thorough in her screening and constantly available to answer questions, and always checked my progress and how I was tracking with it all.  The time she invested, and her friendly and welcoming nature, was certainly appreciated by me and I would recommend her expertise to anyone looking for guidance and advice with their health.  



I never thought the natural way would work for me.  I have been seeing a specialist for my thyroid for and experienced both under active and overactive and also received radiation treatment.  I tried different medications, GP's, specialists and nothing worked.  Priscilla educated me about how the gut, hormones and immune system are all connected and how they directly effected my thyroid and overall health.  I never thought food could impact our hormones.  Amazingly, after almost 2 weeks of cutting out gluten, dairy and taking vitamins, supplements and a gut healing powder Priscilla had asked me to try, my allergies were gone.  I had suffered hay fever almost everyday for most of my life and suddenly felt clearer and more awake.  I was no longer bloated and had more energy.  About 6 months later my thyroid was stable and now I am on minimum medication which, I don't even need to take daily.  Priscilla was able to find something that would work for me and keep it affordable, simple and realistic.